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How to choose a 3D glasses

Shenzhen JRD Optics Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 22, 2017

3D glasses material

First document paper quality type: by special high hardness quality oil paper jam made (texture comfortable), used PET senior imports 0.18mm lenses made, than general domestic single of paper quality 3D glasses better, paper side smooth, paper waterproof type, and filter tablets flat, no Burr like of flaws size for adults wearing (but child also can wear, mirror feet can regulation size size), as carefully maintenance of good, with Shang a years also no problem of. Disadvantage is wearing comfortable lenses easy to scratch.

Purchase Note:

1. watch a film buyer please be sure to choose the right glasses, glasses color does not correspond to the film there is no stereo effect. If in doubt please consult before purchasing the owner recommends buyers.

2. stereo glasses are not suitable for long wear, such as dizziness, eye pain and discomfort, take down, watch a film or game should rest in the Middle a few times. This kind of problem does not belong to glass quality, carefully evaluated.