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Time to throw away phone to read by 3D Red Cyan glasses

Shenzhen JRD Optics Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 03, 2017

Time to throw away phone to read by 3D Red Cyan glasses

As we all know, China is one of the world's oldest traditions, but now the Chinese seem to be impatient to sit down and read a book quietly. Once I was with a French friend(the first time to China) in the Hongqiao train station waiting, my friends suddenly asked me: "Why do Chinese people are calling or playing mobile phone? No one to read!"

I have a look, it is true. People are on the phone (talking loudly), call or write down the message, update microblogging or playing the game - or the hustle and bustle busy, or lonely busy, but the lack of a satisfying peace. In Europe, the speed of the train may not fast than China, the degree of modernization of the train station may no longer lead, but most people are in the reading to wait for the time, even if the phone is whispering, for fear that the passengers around the quiet Read. "

Of course, I know that the Chinese people not do not read - many young people almost every 10 minutes to update a microblogging or WeChat, from which to obtain useful information. But microblogging and WeChat too popular also let me worry that they will not be able to create only read the fragment information, will only use the next generation of network language?

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Of course, web erosion is a global phenomenon, not just in China. But the proportion of people with reading habits in China's huge population, it is particularly rare.

Life is always tired, we need to have a short "shutdown" time, so that they only get along with their own, reading, writing, daze, fantasy, the liberation of the soul, and then re-put back to my heart.

3D Red Cyan glasses now is a chance to throw away your phone, bring you into a wonderful world, cultivate the interest of reading and enjoy the nice time. We need to set a fine example to our next generation.

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