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Classic Ten Optical And Laser Mouse Mouse How To Distinguish

Shenzhen JRD Optics Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 03, 2016

This question has puzzled many users, if you want to know the differences between them, we need to know what the optical mouse laser mouse and distinguish between different engine standards are based on the mouse.

Mouse optical mouse works by infra-red detection of displacement and displacement signal into electrical pulses, through program processing and conversion to control the movement of the cursor arrow on the screen.

Most of the optical mouse uses red LED lamp as a light source, because in the visible spectrum, the red light has the longest wavelength, it is penetrating the strongest (that is, we often say that the immunity). On the market there is a blue LED, in fact, there is no difference between, unless there is progress on the technology, if the only difference between the two is a different color.

The principle and optical mouse laser mouse is the same, but work in different ways, laser mouse works through the irradiation of laser interference fringes generated by the surface reflection and the formation of light spots to get on the sensor, and traditional optical mouse is obtained through exposure generated by the rough surface of the shadow.