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Why Under The Mouse No Lights Can Also Be Used

Shenzhen JRD Optics Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 03, 2016

Under the influence of traditional optical mouse, many users assume that the mouse light at the bottom is the done thing at work, this is due to early mouse, uses red LED as the light source, providing Imaging for mouse optical sensor on the bottom of the lighting, but as time goes on, some gaming mouse product, for technical reasons, has abandoned the traditional mouse engine.

Some mouse using infra-red light source

Removed using laser gaming mouse of the engine, some gaming mice are also starting to use infrared light that is invisible to the naked eye, to replace the traditional red LED light source, to the bottom of the mouse optical sensor lights. So such games mouse although indistinguishable from traditional optical mouse, but when using the mouse still doesn't glow at the bottom.